List of Forms, Filings, and Motions

From NWI Highcourt

The Court has implemented a system of filings to better standardize and organize correspondence with the Court and simplify Court Records. Filings are submitted via Telegram to The Learned NWI Chief Justice (or via LinkDiscord), who will either accept or deny the filing as prescribed by Law. The Court may make minor modifications that do not affect the substance of the filing. The Court will publish the filing and the response to the filing, as these are public records.

Below is a list of the Court's forms. Clicking on the links will take you to an instructions page on how to complete and file them. Should you have any questions regarding this process, you should consult the resources on the Procedures or Help pages, and if you still do not have an answer you may contact the Court.

To file any form listed here, send a telegram to the Chief Justice account via using the template. Check the court server for another method. If you have any questions about filing, ask the Chief Justice.

Series 100: Pre-Trial

Form 101: Motion to Press Criminal Charges

Form 102: Motion to Press Civil Charges

Form 103: Motion to Press State Charges

Form 104: Complaint Filing

Form 111: Motion to Add Criminal Charges

Form 112: Motion to Add Civil Charges

Form 113: Motion to Add State Charges

Form 121: Discovery Filing

Form 122: Confidential Discovery Filing

Form 131: Notice of Summary Suppression

Form 132: Notice of Summary Ban

Form 141: Motion for Preliminary Injunction

Form 151: Motion to Dismiss

Form 152: Motion for Directed Verdict

Form 153: Motion for Summary Judgement

Series 200: Mid-Trial

Form 201: Motion to Strike Evidence

Form 202: Motion to Admit Exhibits or Witnesses

Form 211: Objection

Form 221: Motion for Recess

Series 300: Post-Trial

Form 301: Petition for Probation

Form 311: Puppet Notice

Series 400: Miscellaneous

Form 401: General Counter-Motion

Form 402: Motion to Drop Charges

Form 411: Motion to Extend Deadline

Form 421: Amicus Curiae Brief

Form 422: Petition for Advisory Opinion

Form 431: Motion to Substitute Counsel

Form 441: Motion for Reconsideration

Series 900: Administrative

Form 901: Application to Practice Law

Form 902: Request to Amend Law License

Form 903: Request to Cancel Law License

Form 911: Attorney Misconduct Complaint