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Welcome to the High Court of the New West Indies! Wholly independent from the other branches of government, the High Court is the sole arbiter of all Criminal, Civil, and State cases. Through maintaining the highest standards of ethics, objectivity, order, and fairness, it is the venue of justice. Presided over by the Chief Justice, the Court is committed to finding a just resolution to disputes as prescribed by Law, as well as providing the utmost transparency and accessibility of our records and procedures.

The Court follows the Law and is committed to factual and civil discourse. All nations that find themselves appearing before the Court can expect to be treated respectfully, reasonably, and fairly. Additionally, the Chief Justice shall harbor no bias, and will recuse themself in the event that they do.

Please see the navigational sidebar for all information relevant to the Court. If you are attempting to find a courtroom, see the portal at the bottom of this page. If you are looking for specific information, use the search-bar in the top right of any page.

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